This video was filmed in 2019 by our good friend Joseph Fiorenza on his iPhone. We were opening for Hold on Hollywood along with Erase the Virus @ District249 Bar and Grill in Houston, Tx. This was an awesome night! The crowd was great and we had a blast. 

float in and out, round over what was left.” - KMZ

— My Grip

This Video was filmed in 2019 By Joe also same night , Same place as above. If you missed it, back track. We're too Busy jamming, to type. 

 This video was done by Sharlow and his son in 2018 while the album was still in the recording process. Fun fact about this video is based on his son always dancing on the way to do everything. The fact is, His son did not think it was funny and chose not to play the part of the kid dancing. So, yes that is Sharlow in the hoodie showing off some classic moves!

Interview with Jordan Snow

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