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KMZ is KollectiveMindZ! 

KollectiveMindZ is a Band made up of, 4 guys from 4 different backgrounds, that come to make a sound that has never been heard before. Because of their Broad adversity in music, They have been challenged to place it in a genre. So, when asked what genre they are in, the response is usually "Beboybluhipfunrockasoul". They then back it up with a show of Originals that display blues, funk, hip flows, rocking guitars, banging drums, topped with soulful singing. 

My Grip


This song has been described as having a swampy funk kind of vibe. It's basically about finding something good about what ever may be going on in your Slot!

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Hanging with the big dogs!

Who have we Performed with?

We consider ourselves blessed to have been able to rock the stage with some of our favorite artist. Houston is still on the rise in the music scene and Thanks to Music lovers and Game changers Like John Jonatch Founder of Second  Chance Productions and more to name. We have been able to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we too, can hang with the big dogs!

A list of past Shows

Puddle Of Mudd



Drowning Pool

PlainWhite T's


Saving Abel

Hold on Hollywood

and More


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Staring eyes flood with desire” - KMZ

— My Grip


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