1. I'm Okay

From the recording I'm Okay

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Woke up one Wednesday morning
Hoppin fresh out the bed
and I had this song Dancing in my head
It felt so nice
When I opened the blinds and i see the sunshine
I know that I'm okay
and I'm Feelin just Fine
I'm okay
Before I walk out the door
I throw some chucks on my feet
Before I go Walking down my street
Say Hi to neighbor lady
even though she act so shady sometimes
we all could use some grace
Because I'm feeling just Fine
I'm okay
The day was so damn Beautiful
and I was thanking god for everything I know
as I walk down to the corner store
That's when i saw her standing there
she dress so pretty jet black hair oh yeah
Oh yeah
If this was any other day
I would have let her pass my way
but not today
Because I'm feeling just fine
I'm Okay