About Us


Singer/ Songwriter/Producer

Kristian Davis, Born in Houston Tx. in 1979. At the early age of 8 he got his first taste of performing in front of people at church. Since then, He has only 2 passions and that is music and dogs. Today, he still performs live music and he still trains dogs for a living. He started KMZ in 2012, After taking a 10 year break, when his Son was born. He has been Performing every since. With a gospel background, soulful voice and influences like Sam Cooke, RHCP, Everlast, Lots of Motown and more! He is a Vocalist that brings his "A" Game at every Performance!


Caught a loose tree and I filled it with letters” - KMZ

— My Grip

Larry " Animal" Taylor


Larry '' Animal" Taylor was Born in Houston, Raised in Industry, Texas. Dubbed Animal because he's a beast on the drums.  When asked what his favorite color was his response was, " Black, like my balls!" . He is a self proclaimed food critic that loves video games. though he's the youngest of the group, his wide range of  music styles come from artist and bands like System of a down, Prince, The Weekend, Eminem and Queens of the Stone Age. Which makes for one hell of an addition to this Band!

Colby "Steam Gin Whiskey Mcquinn" Anderson

Lead guitar / Dj / vocals

Self taught from the age of 8 and also born in Houston, Texas. He has been referred to by some as one of the best Blues guitarist on this side of the Mississippi. While his favorite color is Gray, his favorite Genre of music is... You guessed it, The Blues! With Influences like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Page, B.B. King, Billy Gibbons, he sprinkles the perfect amount of classic bluesy riffs into the flavor of this bands sound. Oh... And he Deejays for the band. INSANE RIGHT!!!

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